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A Wingman S.O.A.R.R. program, REFUEL & REFOCUS™ (R&R) is business leaders in Federal Contracting, developing, discussing, revising and taking action to implement business strategies that work. R&R is a twelve-month membership program providing access to an exclusive cohort of business leaders working towards a common goal of increasing the amount of dollars they receive from federal agencies and federal prime contractors. Participation in R&R is not based on title, but on responsibility. If you are responsible for the creation of your company's strategy, then you are the right person to be in this room.

What Happens in R&R?
A business strategy is how you will execute your company's mission and achieve your goals. It ties everything together and provides clarity to everyone contributing to the coming successes. Helping leaders build or re-build strategy, based on empirical evidence, is the core activity of R&R. We accomplish this in two ways:
  1. through curated online activities to include accountability calls, coaching calls (both group and 1-on-1) and sharing the most relevant organic and acquired content, and;
  2. at three on-location, full-day retreats, where cohort members dine together on the first night, and grow together the next day, the entire day.

All R&R Members must successfully complete an Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors® Bootcamp within the 12 months prior to starting their R&R Membership.

What Happens in R&R...
You know the saying, right? What happens in R&R, stays in R&R. No matter if conducting activities online or in-person, every cohort member agrees to the code of conduct based on the simple principle of Trust.
REFUEL & REFOCUS Membership Dues:
  • $9,250 annually
  • $11,000 annually with Bootcamp

Quarterly and monthly payment options are available.

R&R Cohort One Cropped

We Become Your Wingman.
"We" includes us, the coaches of The ASBC, and everyone else in your cohort. This is mastermind, group coaching, one-on-one coaching, mentoring, and more. This becomes a place where you can ask hard questions and expect to receive thoughtful, informed answers.

Your Customer's Objectives are not Static
Your strategy shouldn't be either. Just assume things have changed for them since you last built or updated your strategy. If you don't learn about and account for those changes, you might just walk into a wall, or worse, off a cliff, from a strategy standpoint. R&R is a great way to ensure you are following the most relevant and timely path, with guidance and accountability.

Information-in-Context is King.
The R&R program has its roots in Ethical Stalking for Government Contractors® Bootcamp. Bootcamp provides market-specific context so you can find, recognize, and understand information, and take action using the tactics, and resources presented. A strategy developed without context is called wandering. This is why Bootcamp is a prerequisite to R&R. The increased clarity resulting from Bootcamp empowers R&R participants to be more adept at using information about the goals and priorities of federal civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies and establishing executable strategies that get results.